Running my first 5k!

Quite a while ago I wrote a post on things I wanted to do in the fitness world. Well, there was one thing I left off that I had been meaning to do since freshman year of college.

Run a 5k.

Two weeks ago I did just that. And I beat my personal best from training.

screenshot_2016-08-27-01-17-43.pngI have been running on and off for about four or five years now. Getting in shape and then out again. Well, working out was how I kept my schedule while I did freelance work for a local newspaper after graduation.Wake up, run, work, relax. So I started the Nike training club workout and continued almost every day for a couple weeks. Then  I realized I liked running more so I stopped the program and started running and building stamina three times a week. I would aim for two miles with walking breaks and then one day I wanted to see if I could do a 5k. And it took me about 32 minutes. So I decided to sign up for one my friend and I had looked up a week previous.

Somewhere between when I started working out again and struggling to finish a mile and the race, running became therapeutic for me. I got into a rhythm and stuck with that pace. I could forget I was running. And it’s an amazing feeling.

Day of:
Honestly, I didn’t sleep well the night before, but I drank water, forced down my pre-workout meal and we headed into town. Did I mention it was raining?

It stopped about fifteen minutes before we were supposed to run img_20160813_084417601_hdr.jpgbut it didn’t get humid right away. It wasn’t sunny, it wasn’t 80 degrees. It was great.

About five minutes before the starting gun went off I realized I was thirsty. And I normally run with a water bottle, but there was going to be water on the track so I didn’t grab one. Thankfully my mom comes prepared and I got my water… Not that I drank much of it during the race. Hydrate guys. One of the most important things in the world.

So I broke my goal of under half an hour by 17 seconds. I felt on top of the world and cheered my friend on as she passed the finish line. I got chocolate milk and frozen fruit and the added sugar was not as good of an idea as it sounded. We got back to the cabin and my dad started unloading my 8 paper bags and Xerox box full of books for me to take upstairs. Hadn’t my legs been tortured enough? It actually wasn’t that bad. Plus now they’re all there making my shelves look pretty.

As the day went on the soreness in my legs decided to make themselves known and I stretched them a bit, gave them a little ice bath in Lake Michigan and fueled them with a bit of coffee.

Since then I’ve been asked two questions: Are you doing another 5K? When are you doing a 10K?

Honestly, I’ve thought about it quite a bit. And while I do want to do more races, I don’t want to do any more this season. Maybe next summer I will. After all, I still haven’t done the color run.

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