#BoutofBooks mini-reviews

This past week was the #BoutofBooks readathon! During this one of my goals was to write a review post and I decided what better way than to write one of all the books I finished this week. I read four books, and loved them all!

StillAliceStill Alice- Lisa Genova
I loved Alice as a point of view. As her Alzheimer’s got worse, the writing got more and more vague. It was so powerful. Genova has a way of writing novels about diseases that makes you feel as though you’re living them. When I finished reading this one I didn’t want to start another book. I wanted to wallow in the story for a while. However, I went onto the next one.

RogueRogue- Rachel Vincent
This is the second book in the Shifters series, and it’s the second time I’m reading it. As I went along I knew what was going to happen, but I didn’t remember how for a lot of it. My favorite character is Jace so I was really sad when I realized he wasn’t in this book much. Oh well, he’s in the later ones and it just gets better and better!

NerveNerve- Jeanne Ryan
This is the novel the movie is based off of and I was thinking I’d read the book first. This book was so fast paced I finished it in a couple hours. There’s a tad bit of romance, but it didn’t take away from the action. Now I’m not as sure I want to see the movie. From the trailers I can see how all the dares are different, but I still feel as though this one would be repetitive. I’ll probably wait until it’s on DVD and rent it.

ThisHouseIsHauntedThis House Is Haunted- John Boyne
One of my friends recommended this and told me it was really good. From the synopsis and her telling of it I thought it was going to be more of a horror novel than it was. It was more of a paranormal mystery (if that’s even a genre). It was really good and I kept on reading and I loved how it had a main character who stuck up for herself in a time period most women wouldn’t.

How did everyone’s week of reading go?

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