August Wrap-Up and September Goals

This month was so hectic I’m almost glad it’s over. I moved back in with my parents while the job hunt went on, the first two weeks I was barely home, which was fine by me because I LOVE being on the move. I played tourist in my own city by going to the stadium twice. I’ve actually never been img_20160818_190030882_hdr.jpgthere, despite it being super close. Once was to see a preseason game and the other was to go Pokemon hunting. There’s a lot of good Pokemon there I didn’t have before. Don’t worry, we were super courteous and didn’t bother any of the workers and tours or go anywhere we weren’t supposed to.

I went back to my college town to visit the boy for a couple days before he went to Yellowstone (so jealous) and he showed me a beach I didn’t even know existed and the water was amazing and I miss the infinite amount of lakes there.

As I packed up all of my stuff and then unpacked it I realized how much useless stuff I have. Seriously, I had enough for two houses to be fully stocked. I’m donating about half of my clothes, a box and a half of books and some random stuff like stuffed animals that don’t have significance to me.

I participated in #BoutofBooks readathon and read four and a half books in a week. It was so relaxing and helped me get into a nighttime routine, which I so desperately need since I haven’t been sleeping well ( I blame my phone). img_20160806_175842653.jpgimg_20160806_110222632.jpg

I stood up in my friend’s wedding and she looked amazing. I’m wishing them so many happy years. We got our hair done, which I haven’t done since my aunt’s wedding over 10 years ago. It was such a great weekend. The other bridesmaids were so friendly and we had such a great time. Plus, we all rode a mechanical bull! I wasn’t going to since it was $5 but then I figured if I don’t do it now when am I going to do it? It’s not one of those things that comes around every day.

My parents are selling one of our cabins we built from the time I was a child. I love it there but unfortunately we don’t use it enough. We prepped it for a showing one day after work and I took a video around the cabin. I didn’t want to go to far into the woods because I didn’t want my parents to worry and I have pictures. I’ll always have the memories, but it’s like losing a part of the family.

Also, I ran my first 5K which you can read about here in more detail.

Books read:
Hunt – Rachel Vincent
The Cuckoo’s Calling- Robert Galbraith
Stray- Rachel Vincent
The Strange Library- Haruki Murakami
Still Alice- Lisa Genova
Rogue- Rachel Vincent
Nerve- Jeanne Ryan
This House is Haunted- John Boyne
Broken Promise- Linwood Barclay

Honestly, this was an amazing reading month. I read a lot of favorite authors and books and I’m thinking Linwood Barclay may be a new favorite author. However, I do want to read more before I add him to the list. I did a batch of mini-reviews here.

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things came out early August. It is one of my favorites this year and my review is here. I read that a couple months ago and it still sticks with me, which doesn’t happen that often.

September Goals:img_20160831_221830899.jpg
A really ambitious goal but the books I want to read are:
1. Girl, Interrupted- Susanna Kaysen
2. Asking for it- Louise O’Neill
3. IT- Stephen King (300/ 1100 done)
4. The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini
5. Trainspotting-Irvine Welsh
6. Far From True- Linwood Barclay
7. Yeah, I said It- Wanda Sykes
8. Finn- Matthew Olshan (50/ 180 done)

That is over two books a week. I doubt I can keep up the motivation for the entire month.A couple of these are library books so if I get a job outside of this city they’re gonna have to get moved to a different month. Super ambitious. And I have a couple for if I finish this list of if some get moved. I probably won’t get to them though. I have Blankets on hold at the library which is my graphic novel and Brenna, who is one of my favorite Instagram-ers, said she likes to assign it so she can read the “good stuff” so fingers crossed, it’s going to be my first long graphic novel. Every other time I did a challenge with them I would pick a 30 page book.

I also am 80% done with the HTML and CSS course on Codecademy, so I want to finish that.

screenshot_2016-08-31-22-33-29.pngFinish putting in the graphics and fixing up the categories/ tags here. If you go far enough back I don’t have the fancy graphics in like the lovely feature image for this post. I’m hoping to change that.

Keep up with my running schedule. I use the Nike Running app and am doing one of the running and workout schedules which keeps me motivated more than just saying “oh, maybe I’ll run today… or tomorrow” and then keep putting it off.

Lastly, I put writing aside for a while so I want to get what I have of my work in progress refreshed into my brain and plan out where I want to go with the novel.

What did you accomplish in August and what do you hope to get done in September? Have you read any of these books?

2 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up and September Goals

  1. It’s been taking me twice as long as any other book per page because the print is so tiny. I think a lot of Stephen King books are intimidating just because of the size.


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