Summer TBR update

In the beginning of Summer I posted a list of books I wanted to read before September 1st. I did not get through the list. I was in a massive reading slump for pretty much all of June and July, but then in August I read a ton of books. Unfortunately, not enough to finish the list.

American Assassin– Vince Flynn
I checked this book out from the library twice, but I read the prologue and was slightly confused and just never went back to it.

Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge– Paul Krueger
I really enjoyed this one! It was such a unique plot and the characters were so lively. Review here.

This Side of Paradise– F. Scott Fitzgerald
This was the second time I read this book, the first being when I graduated high school. I actually enjoyed it a lot more this time because I am used to Chaucer, Shakespeare and a bunch of other authors who write weirdly.

The Notorious Pagan Jones– Nina Berry
This was not as good as I hoped it would be. Maybe one day I’ll read the sequel. I just didn’t empathize with the protagonist that much. I thought she was a little stuck up and selfish.

If on Winter’s Night a Traveler– Italo Calvino
Every time I picked this book up to read it I thought about how I was doing the Shelf Love challenge and need to read more books I’ve owned since 2015. Eventually it got packed on my shelves in the back. I still really want to read it though!

Shifters series/ Lion’s Share– Rachel Vincent
I read the prequel to Lion’s Share and then starting Lion’s Share I decided I wanted to reread the entire series first. I didn’t get them delivered until August 1st, and since then I’ve reread the first two. I’m working on it.

Room– Emma Donoghue
Every time I thought about reading this one I had just finished a different book with a deep topic and I just don’t like reading them back to back. It drains me.

It Stephen King
I am currently on page 626. This book takes a long time because of the tiny print meaning I can only read it with my glasses on for an extended period and the fact that the sheer size of it intimidates me.

Peter Pan– J. M. Barrie
I loved this book. At the beginning the writing style through me off and so it took a while for me to understand what they were saying but it ended up being a very enjoyable read and was quite similar to the Disney movie.

Still Alice– Lisa Genova
This honestly wasn’t as great as I thought it was going to be. It was still a tearjerker and I would recommend it, but I think Inside the O’Briens was a lot more impactful. Also, it seemed as though some parts were used in both, which is understandable because they’re both dealing with genetic diseases, but still.

Other things I want to do this summer:

  1. Work on my photography skills more– I did this! I took so many pictures on my new camera and learned a little about how to use the image software on my computer.
  2. Blog more– I think I did this? I’m going to say I did. Basically I wanted to blog more than once a month, which I did do.
  3. Finish learning CSS and HTML– Technically I finished this September 7th. But I did it before this post so that counts for something…. right?
  4. Go outside more– I DID THIS! I ACTUALLY HAVE A SLIGHT TAN! (even though everyone still says I’m pastey. I’ve been out running and relaxing and just walking around a lot more than I normally do.

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