Review: Will of Hope by Yasmin Fazli


In two sentences:
Eight years ago Elle lost both her vision and the one she loves. One day she is faced with the chance to find him and she takes it and is plunged into a world created by dragons and filled with Elves, Dwarfs and other mythical creatures.


My thoughts:
This novel captivated me as soon as I heard the plot and through the entire 500+ pages. I don’t normally read fantasy, but sometimes all I need is a world 1000000 percent different from Earth and this was it. Each little detail of the world was thought out so well I felt as though I was right in the world learning about each of the different people.

This novel switches between multiple narratives and each ends with a minor cliffhanger, making me want to keep reading. Once I started reading for the day I didn’t want to stop. Each character was distinct from the next, which in a novel with so many characters is difficult to do. Everyone goes on quests to find Elle, which I expected to take the entire novel, however then I got to the end and the quest was still going on, leading into the sequel.

The writing style is simplistic, making it simple to follow what was going on in the crazy world. However, at some points this made it difficult to get into and to switch between the points of view. The narrative does not change much from viewpoint to viewpoint, so it is really the characters who move the plot forward.

Rating: Four stars

I received an electronic copy of this book for review from the author. This in no way influenced my review.

UPDATE: Book Two came out yesterday!! They are both available on amazon.
Will of HopeWill of Fire



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