September Wrap-Up

September may have been one of my favorite months this year. I got to do a lot in terms of reading and it just made me really happy to sit around and read all day. Plus, I started working again so it’s nice to have a paycheck. I got to go up to the cabins quite a bit AND my parents decided not to sell the cabin we build for now *happy dance* I also got quite a bit of planning done for posts this month and in November and have a couple of Instagram posts so I don’t go two weeks without posting. This month I also made a TBR jar for the rest of my popsugar challenge and color coded it depending on if I have to get a book from the library or if I have a book that fits the category in the books I own. I participated in the #TackleTBR readathon and read 6 books and half of two others. I read over 2,000 pages within those two weeks.

My parents surprised me one day with a new hot tub (ours broke a couple years ago and we weren’t planning on replacing it. I came across a cute coffee shop by our cabin that I really want to try next time I’m up there. We also did the wine tasting up there, which is why I decided not to do the coffee. I started binge watching Friends, and the place was called Northern Perks, which I thought was adorable.

My addiction to the library decided to come in full force and at one point I had 27 things checked out. I still have a lot checked out. It’s not my fault they have so many books I want to read there. I’m just helping the library business.

I read a whopping 12 books this month! I’m now seven books ahead of my Goodreads Challenge! I’m definitely going to beat it this year.
Finn- Matthew Olshan
Asking For It- Louise O’Neill
Girl, Interrupted- Susanna Kaysen
Dark Places- Gillian Flynn
Blankets- Craig Thompson
Far From True- Linwood Barclay
Listen To Me- Hannah Pittard
Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini
It- Stephen King
Will of Hope- Yasmin Fazli
The Twenty-Three- Linwood Barclay
Girl in Pieces- Kathleen Glasgow

Other goals:
Here was where my month started to not do as good.

  1. Finish HTML and CSS course. I finished this! And did another one that built on that knowledge.
  2. Keep up with running plan. I did this as well. I’m up to five miles and this week I’m going to try for six miles, I’m thinking it’s going to take a little over an hour since I average 10 minute miles.
  3. Graphics/ tags/ categories. I didn’t do this. I am still working on going back and making my posts more uniform.
  4. Refresh brain on writing. I have been thinking more and more about this and what I want to do with this is going to take so much. I’m 50 pages in, which I wanted to reread and didn’t. I want to change it from YA to adult, so the whole tone and some of the characteristics are going to change. Wish me luck!

October goals:

  1. Write 20 pages of WIP
  2. Javascript and one other coding class
  3. GRAPHICS!!!

October books:

  1. Stalking Jack the Ripper- Kerri Maniscalco
  2. The Girl from Everywhere- Heidi Heilig
  3. Into the Beautiful North- Louis Alberto Urrea
  4. A Monster Calls- Patrick Ness
  5. Jar Pick
  6. Jar Pick
  7. Popsugar of my choice (Most Likely Gulliver’s Travels)

I'd love to have your input!

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