Spooky Reads: TBR

My dashboard of WordPress and Bloglovin’ are filled with spooky book recommendations. That was going to be my post for today, but then I decided to do something slightly different. I decided to share the list of spooky reads I want to get to this year. Thrillers, mysteries and horror are the main books I read. I became slightly obsessed with Stephen King this past summer and he has so many books I could read just him and not run out of reading material for years.

Last week I was at the library and they had a display for horror books. I may or may not have gotten seven books from that section alone. That added to the books I have at home I want to read means I have…… a lot. So I decided to share my top 10 spooky books I want to read this season.

  1. Cujo- Stephen King
    This King novel is one of his shorter ones (as is The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon) and is about an evil coming to terrorize a Maine town. The synopsis of it reminds me of IT which I finished last month.
  2. The Grownup- Gillian Flynn
    This was mentioned in a video I watched, I don’t remember whose it was! I’m sorry! This is the last book/ novella I have to read by her before I’ve read everything. Her books are hit or miss, but they are all still so intriguing I finish them in a couple days.
  3. Floating Staircase- Ronald Malfi
    This I just picked out for the title and cover. No shame. I read the back yesterday and it seemed like a generic haunted house novel.
  4. The Replacement- Brenna Yovanoff
    This book caught my eye a couple of years ago, but it’s one of those I see and then forget about it, so I’m hoping to actually read it.
  5. Trail of Blood- Lisa Black
    This is more of a murder mystery and I found it while I was looking for another Linwood Barclay book, so I’m hoping it’s good. Basically a serial killer got away with all of these murders but then 75 years later a forensic scientist found another one of his victims is found and then a new victim.
  6. The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon- Stephen King
    This one is another shorter King read and it’s about a little girl who wanders off during a hike. When I wanted to get into King this was the book I was going to start with. Instead I ended up tackling The Shinning first.
  7. A Monster Calls- Patrick Ness
    This one I see a lot and I read the synopsis. I don’t think I’ll be reading it at night, which normally isn’t a problem for me.
  8. ‘Salem’s Lot- Stephen King
    This is one I wanted to get to during the Make me Read it readathon, it was number three and I only got through the first two. This was actually King’s second book he wrote, the first being Carrie.
  9. The Bone House- Brian Freeman
    This is my “set in your home state” book for the Popsugar reading challenge and is also a murder mystery. I bought it at a used book sale years ago and like 95% of my books, I haven’t read it yet.
  10. The Girl on the Train- Paula Hawkins
    Lastly, this thriller is one I’ve been putting off for no reason other than I read the first chapter over a year ago and it didn’t really capture my attention. I know I’m going to want to see the movie at some point so I might as well read the book now.


Have you read any of these? Which do you recommend starting with?


3 thoughts on “Spooky Reads: TBR

  1. jkimexploring says:

    I forgot I had the graveyard apartment on hold so I’m trying to decide between that and a monster calls for my next read! That makes me really excited to read a monster calls and Kings books 🙂


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