If You Like This, Try This

As I read more and more books every year it’s impossible not to draw parallels between the different books. I don’t necessarily like reading books if they are too similar, so a couple of these I don’t like because they are so similar. However, I do know  a lot of people don’t mind similar books and actually do like that.listentomegonegirl

Listen to Me is a very short read- It’s less than 200 pages, you can read it in just a couple hours which is great if you don’t have time or just want something quick. Plot-wise these are not that similar, but there is the tension in the marriage. The two are stuck together on a road trip. There is also the undertone of something sinister throughout most of the book.

nineteenminutesBoth of these deal with school shootings but in different thisiswhereitendsways. This is where it ends deals with while it is happening and so this book is very action packed. They both show how lives are all entwined much in the same way. These two are very similar, which is why I didn’t like This is Where it Ends as much. It would be good for other people though.



lovely-bonesThese two are both great portrayals of the treatment of rape in our culture. I will never not recommend Louise O’Neill. Her novels are amazing. Especially with the current events going on in the media I think Asking for It should be required reading, as The Lovely Bones was for me. Both of these have very strongly written characters who stick with you long after reading.



These two had a lot in common both plot and character wise. They both have the headstrong female lead and the snarky male love interest, so if you like that then you will like Stalking Jack the Ripper. Also, the descriptions are amazingly detailed.



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