La Crosse how I love thee…

As I write this on a lovely Monday night from my hotel room in La Crosse all I can think about is how much I love it here. I left my hometown earlyish this morning to drive down and it was even more beautiful than I remember. About six years ago my parents and I traveled down to look at the campus as a potential school for me. I fell in love with the area. It’s quite a big city but there’s smaller parts of it that make it feel so much smaller than it actually is.

The drive was the part that intimidated me the most, since it was so long and not many large towns. When I was eighteen I was not ready to live that far away from my friends and family. Now, everything has changed and I realize that three and a half hours isn’t that far away.

It’s on the Mississippi River and there are so many parks and hiking trails around. I walked around one of them and drove all along the bluffs and they are just beautiful. And the views… wow. Pictures cannot do this city justice. I’m going to try anyway.

After that I googled coffee and books in the area and found a used bookstore called Pearl Street Books that has a doorway in one of the walls that leads to Jules Cafe. I got a desert latte. Then I just walked around downtown for a couple minutes while it was still warm and light out.

I also went to the area that had stores like Macy’s, Barnes & Noble etc. This was pretty much like any other city, so I won’t go into much detail.

Basically I’m even more in love with this town than I was six years ago.


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