2016 Challenges Update- November

With a little over one month left to go I think it’s time to figure out how much work I have left before I finish the rest of my challenges. And to have a reality check and realize maybe I should have organized my books better throughout the year. Popsugar Reading Challenge: My goal was 36/40 books from this list and I have read 31 so I’m on the right track for this one. I have five that I own that apply to topics of this book.


#ShelfLove: This is actually one I wish I had organized my books for. I have barely bought books for the past four years, so this year when I had an apartment and eventually moved home and started working in a bookstore the amount of books I got is insane. I don’t even know which ones I got this year and which ones I didn’t. My goal was 21 books I own and I’ve  read 18. However, I also have 25 in my room from the library….. yeah.


The discussion challenge was honestly one I didn’t really track my progress of because my goal was 1-12 discussion posts. I think since posting 3 times a week I started doing a lot more discussion posts. I know I’ve done at least one. So this challenge was actually completed this challenge back in January.


outdoyourselfFinally the Outdo Yourself Challenge. My goal was 16 more books in 2016 than in 2015. I read 37 books in 2015, so this one is checked off as well. (I only had to read 53 books). This goes along with my Goodreads challenge to read at least 60 books.


Midway update

Original Challenges Post

How are your challenges going? Are there any books I absolutely have to read before January?


I'd love to have your input!

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