6.5 Books I’ve Read due to Bloggers

I think it’s safe to say everyone is influenced by the media and I spend a pretty decent chunk of time on my phone, either on Instagram, Twitter, checking blogs etc. Some books appear so often and the hype is so great I either dismiss them or end up eventually reading them. In 2016 I read six that stood out to me for various reasons and another being my current read.

  1. A Monster Calls– Patrick Ness
    I kept seeing this on lists around Halloween time. I thought it was going to be a spooky kid story…. it wasn’t. It was sad. It was one of my top reads this year though and I think it was best that I didn’t know very much going into it.
  2. Illuminae– Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
    I went in thinking this book was going to be amazing and a quick read and it was honestly such a difficult book for me to get through. I know a lot of people love it but I just couldn’t do it. I don’t think I’m going to read the sequel.
  3. Never Always Sometimes– Adi Alsaid
    I saw this quite a bit toward the beginning of the year and just a couple pages in I started seeing inconsistencies and I tried so hard to overlook it but then I just started finding more and more problems.
  4. The Girl from Everywhere– Heidi Heilig
    I saw this one and put it on my TBR and then took it off because it didn’t interest me anymore. Then some people on Goodreads did a group read of it so I joined in. Honestly, this was the same thing as Never Always Sometimes. There were just so many problems plotwise that I was caught up on.
  5. Stalking Jack the Ripper– Kerri Maniscalco
    I saw this one a lot pre-release so I got it the moment it came out. I was so excited for the Victorian Era, serial killers and forensic medicine. However, I found Audrey a bit basic of a character. Just the normal woman out of her time which I have a hard time enjoying. However, the last 50 pages were amazing.
  6. Girl in Pieces– Kathleen Glasgow
    This was also one I saw a lot of pre-release. I got it as soon as it came out as well and devoured it in one sitting. However, I don’t really remember much of it. Just that the writing was beautiful and it was a very heavy book.
  7. Six of Crows– Leigh Bardugo
    I started reading this one and for the first two chapters were really hard to get into because I didn’t know anything about the world from her trilogy. However, I got into it after just a couple chapters and I just can’t wait to finish it. This is my current read and I can’t wait to finish it today!

What books have you read because of other bloggers? Did you love them or hate them?

Edit: This post was inspired by Boats against the Current. I knew I saw it somewhere on one of my feeds and I just found it again. 

9 thoughts on “6.5 Books I’ve Read due to Bloggers

  1. That is a great list!

    I’ve also read some books because of bloggers…including the first 2 books in The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo, This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab, Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan, and the A Court of Thorns and Roses series!

    Awesome blog post! πŸ˜‰


  2. Awesome! I loved A Court of Thorns and Roses, AND Nevernight. And the Grisha series is pretty awesome πŸ™‚ very imaginative


  3. Awesome post! It’s so interesting to see what blogging has inspired other bloggers to read. I have heard so much about Six of Crows and have been meaning to read it for ages. I’m really hoping to get round to that one soon! I’m glad you’re enjoying it πŸ™‚


  4. I have yet to read any of the books on your list, although I do own them all except The Girl From Everywhere. One of my blogger friends continuously attempts to get me to read new adult novels, and while I’m not typically a fan of the genre, I did rather enjoy Bright Side by Kim Holden, which she recommended to me about five thousand times until she finally bought it for me! It’s such a lovely feeling when we find ourselves enjoying books that have been recommended to us!


  5. Great list! I have read quite a few of these, and I mostly enjoyed them. I am sorry that a few weren’t hits, but I guess that is how it is πŸ˜‰ Glad you’re liking Six of Crows though! I think that at LEAST half or more of the books I read are solely because of finding them in the blogosphere, having them recommended, etc. I love when you are like “YES I get this hype!” but it’s always a bummer when you’re the one who is the “nope, I don’t get it” person (which has been me for sure!)


  6. I think I just get such high of expectations but I follow a lot of YA/fantasy blogs and I read more adult thrillers/ mysteries so the taste isn’t the same. I’m so excited to read Crooked Kingdom!


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