In 2017 I will…

A couple weeks have passed and although I have talked about what I want to do this year I haven’t made an actual post *gasp* I’ve been thinking about it a lot the past couple weeks, what I want in life, where I want to go, what will make me happy etc, etc. Well, it’s a new year and as good of a time as any to start on some of these goals.

  1. Travel somewhere I’ve never been before. I’m hoping to get to visit my sister for the first time since she’s moved this year, although I haven’t set a date for it.
  2. Post on my blog more regularly. I’ve posted quite a bit in 2016, but I never really had a set schedule, which I still won’t but I’m working on doing two blog posts a week starting this week.
  3. Get a full time job and move out of my parents house.
  4. Spend more time on myself. The past year or so I’ve constantly been around people and social media and in general and I stopped doing things I have done my whole life, like going to the gym and writing in my journal and keeping my thoughts from getting to be a jumbled mess.
  5. De-clutter my room and bedroom. I lived four years with about a quarter of the stuff in my room, so I don’t know why I have so much stuff still lying around. I did this over the summer but it still seems like I have so much.
  6. Take more photos. Every month I go through my phone to find some pictures and every time I find almost nothing or just pictures that have been posted to Instagram.
  7. Read more of what I want. I did a lot of challenges in 2016 and they led me to read things I didn’t think I would love and did, but they also made me feel like I was back in school and had to read something. If I’m not super excited for a book I’m not going to read it.

I’ve also decided to do monthly goals to break down some of the bigger things.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2017? What are you most excited for?

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