I Believe in… Libraries

The past couple months I have spent more hours in my hometown library than I have since senior year finals. Being there reminds me of the hours looking for books, writing a five page paper in Spanish in two days and now writing cover letters.

The library is full of stories you can get for free. If what you want isn’t there it’s so easy to just request it from a different library or put it on hold. Ninety nine percent of the time I can get the book I want within a decent amount of time. Granted then they sit on my shelf for a month before I read them.

I know not every library is like this; I’m blessed with having an amazing library and I think everyone should be able to have these same resources. My library offers so many services, from helping people with technology to story  time for kids to having courses online.

Libraries are such a wealth of knowledge and I think everyone should be able to access whatever information they need. If someone wants to learn sign language they should be able to. Or if they want to learn about World War I, or different religions, that information should be there for them. We need to have an educated society and the things I learned because I want to are just as important as that learned in the classroom.

The freedom of internet is a wonderful thing, but it’s also expensive and a library is one of those places with free internet, without having to buy coffee or food to be allowed there. I know some libraries even have free coffee.

Honestly, I’ve rediscovered my hometown library and everyone should be able to have that place they can go to for learning and quiet, a place to concentrate. They have changed quite a bit throughout my life. From being a tiny library a couple blocks from my house to building a new one to house it’s growing book collection I have watched the library grow. They now offer coffee through donations so most times I put in some money so they can keep that going.

Since becoming more aware of everything my library does for people I have been donating more and spending more and more time there. It may be one of my favorite places in my hometown to work on posts, job applications and writing.



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