February Wrap-Up

February is a short month. And it felt like it, to the point where I called March 1 February 29. Maybe it should have been a leap year, but it wasn’t. Regardless, I did get more done than I had in January. This month I had a couple places I wanted to go to take pictures. One being a waterfall and the other being a waterfowl preserve between 5 and 20 minutes from my house. They were nice little day trips. It was so relaxing, when I went to the preserve I just walked the trails for a while before realizing a part of the trail wasn’t there.


One of my best friends got a new dog and she’s the cutest thing ever. We had to keep it a secret from her sister to surprise her. One time I went over there she just ignored me, the next she ran away and the time after she came up to me like I was her favorite person in the world. I just never know, but she does give good snuggles when she calms down.

I ended up picking up a lot of shifts, including helping with inventory which is a once a year thing. As a thanks I got a lot of coffees and the Above and Beyond award for February. When I wasn’t at work I binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother (Again).

Books Read:
Everything Leads to You- Nina LaCour
Caraval- Stephanie Garber
Heart of Evil- Heather Graham
A Court of Thorns and Roses- Sarah J. Maas



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