… It’s been a year…

A whole year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days since I graduated college. And it doesn’t feel like it. Some days it feels like I’ve been out for years and other times it feels like it’s been a couple of months.

Looking back it feels like I haven’t done a lot, but then I think about it and I’ve done at lot. I’ve ran my first 5k, traveled around Wisconsin, read A LOT, started talking and catching up with old friends, went to wine tastings and tall ship festivals, celebrated birthdays and marriages, rode a mechanical bull, bought a paddleboard and the list could go on forever.

Unfortunately I haven’t traveled and seen the world like some people I graduated with have (you know who you are), I haven’t gone to grad school and have no desire to), or moved across the country for an externship.

Currently I’m at Barnes & Noble as a barista. If you had told me back in October these girls would become a second family I would have laughed in your face and been like “It’s just a job” but really, when you work 30 hours a week somewhere it’s hard to not become friends with the people you’re with. We rant to each other and complain but we also talk about the good things in life and sometimes hang out outside of work.

I also work at an interactive marketing place in De Pere doing SEO and social media work. It’s a lot of editing and bouncing things off of one another. There’s only a handful of us so everyone gets a voice. It’s a husband and wife that own the company and the husband knows so much about SEO and all of these different aspects of marketing in the digital age that even in just the first month and a half I’m learning so much more than I would at a larger company.

I tried so hard not to put down roots, the last thing I wanted was to move back home when I graduated. But life changes and you can’t predict things. Now I’m glad I moved back.  I’ve gotten a lot closer to my family rather than talking to them once a week and have realized if I move across the country I might actually miss them.

I was thinking California, Washington or Minnesota and what happened was De Pere, Wisconsin. Despite it being only 20 minutes away I never went to De Pere much, we had everything we needed in Green Bay. But seriously. De Pere is gorgeous. I work right by the river and Fox River Trail, there’s a coffee shop three minutes away, I drive through the historic district and it’s great.  So roots are going down… for now and I think my parents are glad they don’t have to worry about me moving across the country anytime soon.


The thing they don’t tell you is you don’t have to go right into the field. About six months after graduation I just started thinking about all the random jobs I could do. One of my co-workers from a couple years ago is now a flight attendant and she gets to see everything. Someone else is teaching in Spain, another grad school in Canada, another in the PeaceCorps (Comoros). I started thinking about random jobs like that or joining AmeriCorps, but I couldn’t decide what.

A lot can happen in a year. Blink and you’ll miss it.


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