The Book Ban(ish)

I’m pretty sure most people know this by now, but I have eight bookshelves. Mainly full. They would all be full but one of them I use for books I own that I’ve read in the current year. This bookcase so far has six books, plus two others that people are borrowing, and one I’m in the middle of. I’ve probably only read 3 percent of the books I own. To counteract this emptiness the rest of the shelves are double shelved

2017 booksI also have a bookcase dedicated to books I’ve acquired in 2017 and haven’t read yet. There are three stacks on the floor next to it. So with all of these books lying around unread I have decided I desperately need to stop buying and borrowing books from the store, library and friends. However, sometimes my parents come back with random books for me and I don’t really want that to stop.

To make this worse, I work in a bookstore and get a discount. Plus, I go to almost every used book sale. we had employee appreciation week recently so I spent more than I want to admit, and I haven’t read any of the books I read during the last round of employee appreciation.

Starting last week (June 4th) I decided I’m not going to borrow or buy any more books until July 4th. I do have one out from the library (Irene) that I might read and I had started City of Bones from the library before I decided this, but I finished that one yesterday.

I decided on July 4th because it’s exactly one month from the start date. I think that’s pretty reasonable. Then on July 4th there’s a library book sale up north that has been a tradition my entire life so obviously I can’t stop a tradition. After that I am thinking I’m going to go another month or two of a ban again, but first I’m going to see how June goes. I’ll make sure to update you guys!


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