Plant My Butt and Read: My Five Favorite Places

I tend to switch up where I’m reading, depending on my mood that day. Sometimes I want to be laying in bed, other times I like to be out and about in town reading. There’s something satisfying about finding that perfect position and devouring a book for hours on end. I did just this the last couple of days because I finally read The Book Thief.  Finally. After it being on my TBR for since high school.

  1. My reading chair. This is one of those things I wonder if I should get rid of so I can have more room and then I sit in it. It’s broken, the seat sinks on one side. I amimg_20160616_102931.jpg hardly the first owner, it’s old and the fabric is outdated. The footstool doesn’t always stay where it is but when I curl up with a blanket and my coffee on the table next to it, it’s perfect. (And where I am as I type this.) This is where I do about 75 percent of my reading so it would be stupid to get rid of it.
  2. My floor by my bed. When I last rearranged my room I really really felt like reading on the floor, but I needed pillows so my back wouldn’t hurt as much so I put some pillows in a corner with my lamp in it and my knees can rest on my bed, and sometimes I just need to be on the floor for some reason. I don’t use this spot very often but when I do I love it.
  3. Local coffeehouse. I tend to go once a week and get a cup of tea and read. I tend to do this when I start reading a book because it forces img_20170503_150100648.jpgme to concentrate on it for an extended period of time. Also there is nothing more comforting than a hot cup of tea in your hands and steady background noise.
  4. The side of the hot tub. A lot of my friends complain it’s to hot for the hot tub but that’s not always true. The hot tub is so relaxing to just stick my feet in and read my book. I don’t even have to change into a swimsuit and if it gets too hot then I can lay out on the deck for a bit or walk the five feet to go in the air conditioning.
  5. My bed. I can lay out, stretch and have a ton of comfortable space. Sometimes I read here in the middle of the day, or when I say “I”m going to read until I get tired” and then I get tired so I put my book away and can’t fall asleep for two or three more hours.

Yeah, a lot of these places are in the same room, but what can I say? It’s where I’m comfiest.

I really wanted to put by the water on here since I tend to read when I’m on beaches or on vacation but then I get really hot from the sun, have to stop what I’m doing to go in the water and cool off etc. Bookworm problems right?


What’s your favorite place to read? Any types of places I should try out?


3 thoughts on “Plant My Butt and Read: My Five Favorite Places

  1. Kaitlin (@KaitlinS16) says:

    The floor by my bed is also one of my favorite reading spots! I especially like it in the summer because sometimes the weather gets to me (no air conditioning) and sometimes sitting on the floor makes it more bearable. Other times, it’s just plain nice to sit on the floor and read a book. 🙂


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