June Wrap-up: A busier month than expected

Well, it’s that time of the month again. The time where I sit down and attempt to figure out what I accomplished in the past month. I remember once upon a time I made a list whenever something happened I wanted to talk about. Now I just go through the photos in my phone and my goodreads to figure out what all happened because let’s be honest: the months all blur together I can’t do this from memory.

I posted a bit more on here! So that’s exciting. I want to go on a schedule, but then I tend to come up with really bad topics and get blogger burnout so that’s not going to happen. I talked about my favorite reading places, how I’m trying not to buy and rent any books. And I actually did a review about Misery!

I started off my month with a trip back to Stevens Point to see some friends there and all I could think was “It’s been so long!” Some of the sculptures moved around in the Sculpture Park, probably to make way for the new ones. The new science building is a lot farther along than when I was last there. I got to meet my friend’s new puppy and see my other friend’s kitties who are so overwhelmingly adorable! (Except when they meow in your face at 4:30 am and it’s light out so you wonder how long you slept and why you’re still tired.)

I tried the new smoothie and juice bar by my work and discovered we actually have a place that has the popping bubbles for bubble tea. Obviously I’ve gone more than I should have. I also tried Titletown beer for the first time while catching up with one of my friends. They have a rooftop patio/ bar thing and I’ve been up there before, I just didn’t get anything that time.


I had my schedule changed up a couple of times and had my first weekend off in a long time so I went to Algoma. My mom and I went to a wine tasting and we hunkered down inside when the storm came. There were tornado sirens and power outages in my hometown that night, but the worst we had was high winds and rain. In the morning I got to try the bakery my parents discovered last time they were there.


I also got to go up to Three Lakes where again, it rained more than normal. That was the theme of June: Rain. The water wasn’t working and my dad had to come up the next day to fix it. Mom and I did a wine tasting and then binged on Castle episodes. I got to use my paddleboard that weekend too but I didn’t attempt any yoga this time since the water was freezing. I really didn’t want to fall in.

Other than that I worked. I am now helping write social media for one of the companies. They really want an interactive account where people can post pictures and comment and share things and it’s really fun to brainstorm and do these things. Although it is slightly harder than I thought it would be.

I had a busier month than I realized. One of my best friends also just got back in from Spain last Sunday so it was great to hear about her trip and I’ll probably be hearing about it for many many months to come, which is perfectly fine by me because I love hearing people’s travel stories.

Books read:
Misery- Stephen King
City of Bones-Cassandra Clare
The Vegetarian- Han Kang
The Book Thief- Markus Zusak
Good Omens- Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett


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