ARC review: Solo

Author: Kwame Alexander with Mary Rand Hess
Publisher: Blink
Pub Date: August 1, 2017

In two sentences:
Blade is the son of a famous father and feels he doesn’t fit into the family name. Then he discovers a family secret: dun dun dunnnnn……

My thoughts:
This may turn into a very negative review… which I hate doing. Just a warning. I actually thought about not doing a review because I got it from work and not a publisher directly, but I’m trying to do full reviews on the ones I get from both. (This also means I have a backlog of ARCs that are getting reviewed… at some point.)

Starting out positive. I enjoy books in lyrics and poetry books and so I was really interested in this one. It made it a quick read and as the main character is a songwriter, some of his lyrics are included in handwriting, which is pretty cool. Some of these were amazing and heartbreaking but others fell flat. This happened during the entire book too, it was either a hit or miss, depending on the section.

The plot was interesting, especially as I got farther into it, which I can’t say why because spoilers. But it was predictable too, which is part of why I didn’t like it. I kind of knew exactly what was going to happen and that took away some of the feels. There was a lot going on throughout and they overlapped and intersected like life does and it was really easy to keep track of.

But…. BLADE WAS SO MOPEY! He was basically like “woe is me” the entire book. Even when he was happy and having fun, he was still giving of this vibe. Like stop, it was so overboard. And the dialogue was so unrealistic I get it’s lyrical writing but literally no one talks like that. When I’m reading lyrical fiction novels like this I’m 10000000 percent fine with it not sounding poetical when people are speaking.

The final straw is actually somewhat of a spoiler so just talk to me and tell me if you want to continue hearing my rants.

I received this book from thebookseller’s library of ARCs at work. This in no way changed my views.

My procrastination ways:
Emptying out spam email, making and eating lunch, updating goodreads reviews and stars, taking this photo:Solo balance

I also wrote and published like five posts in procrastinating this one because I couldn’t decide if I even wanted to review it.

I had this perfectly balanced and it was sturdy but I could hear my soup boiling a bit more than it should and my laptop camera wasn’t loading so I took the book down for a couple seconds to check on it and then it took like three minutes to rebalance it.


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