#MakeMeRead Take Two: TBR

And it is time the great unveiling begins!! Thank you all so much for the votes and comments! So many of you commented about how good one book specifically was and I am so glad that it is the number one book so I get to read it starting tomorrow (which I also have the whole day off so maybe it’ll be one book in one day?)

There was a tie between number three and four so I took the poll to twitter in a short burst poll. My original plan was to read three and they are the two on the list I was originally most excited for.

However, I have been in the reading mood lately and have been cranking out a ton of books at once except for Big Little Lies which despite how good it is, it’s taking me forever since I picked up a shift and am doing more blog hopping than normal which is cutting into my reading time. SO! I am going to attempt to…. drumroll…. read all six!

6. The Night Shift- Real Life in the Heart of the E.R. by Dr Brian Goldman
5. The Circle by Dave Eggers
4. NOS4A2 by Joe Hill
3. Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
2. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
1. You by Caroline Kepnes

I am so excited to get to these! I chose a lot of thrillers because I’m always in the mood to them but even more recently than in the last couple of months so I am hoping to fly through these!

What books are you most excited to read this week?



6 thoughts on “#MakeMeRead Take Two: TBR

  1. daniellethamasa says:

    Good luck with the readathon! I’m hoping to read all the books on my TBR as well. Granted, my list has 14 books on it, but 10 of those are graphic novels, so I’m feeling good about my odds.


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