How I Get My Motivation for Life

Recently I’ve been posting a lot more. And tweeting. And blog hopping. I’ve been looking into videos and courses about SEO and asking more questions at work. I’ve been upping my work game and my blogging game.

To begin with I don’t force myself to blog. I never have, if I have a set schedule I will get stressed and just nothing will get posted. Instead I started telling myself I should have a blog post up. It just feels like a routine now. I really like just sitting at my computer listening to music or watching Netflix and typing out my thoughts. The more I blog the more I want to blog.

Earlier this summer I read Big Magic. I don’t read non-fiction that much, but this cover has been calling out to me since it came out and I finally sat down to read it. I still can’t get over the fact I had the library copy so I couldn’t write in it. But it talks about creative processes and ideas coming and going, about taking a leap into creativity and just doing what you love.

Going off of this: Girl Boss. I’ve been semi-binging this and I’m going to be so sad when I get to the end of the season. Even though what Sophia does is different than what I do she’s amazing at it. It’s inspirational and she just goes after what she wants unapologetically.

The more I post and tweet the more comments and likes and interaction I got from all of you. Honestly I don’t care about follower count (until I want a specific ARC because that apparently helps). But I love having conversations in the comments! I try to respond as fast as I can and I feel like I know you all. I would like to think people would notice if I stopped posting.

I’ve seen the types of things other people do, things I someday can do. The more I delve into the world of SEO and coding and the internet the more I want to learn. My school didn’t teach any of this. We didn’t have any classes about SEO in the English department, I didn’t know it existed until I graduated. Quite honestly, I’ve found it’s fun to manipulate google, creating something out of nothing that anyone can see at the click of a link. The more I learn the more I want to learn.

To be fair, this comes and goes. I’m not 100% motivated all the time, I wake up in the morning and want to just fall right back to sleep (stupid internal alarm waking me up on days off) Some days I literally just lay around scrolling through Twitter and watching Netflix, saying I’m going to do something soon.

** In the photo up top the pile is my non-fiction/ inspiration TBR that I own. **


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