2018 Goals… or Lack of

2018 is going to be better than 2017. I can feel it. I can’t believe all that 2017 had in store for me and to be honest 2018 didn’t have the best first week. My computer crashed and I was having trouble getting back into WordPress etc. etc. but this week has gotten so much better. For starters I’m back into my blog (obviously) I have a lot of things to catch up on, with the end of the year lists and everything. I’m still debating whether I want to get a new laptop because I can’t have my computer crash after every single major update. It’s happened twice and my patience with the entire brand is thin.

Another amazing thing I found out last week was that I am one of the recipients Google Developer Challenge Scholarship through Udacity for the front end-web developer track. So what happens is everyone accepted gets placed onto one of two tracks (we got to put preferences in the application). Those tracks are three months long and then the top students get full scholarships to the nanodegree program. Obviously one of my goals this year is to make it into the nanodegree portion.

My other goals for 2018 are weirdly broad:

  • Clear off my immediate TBR shelf (that I made just for this year-31 books)
  • Read 100 books total (Yes, I am behind already but the year is young)
  • As always: Go somewhere I’ve never been.
  • Continue Learning. Always.

To be honest I haven’t thought much about my goals this year. Last year I’ve realized a lot can change in a year and to make a resolution to do something for an entire year is a lot of pressure. Life can change in a heartbeat and doesn’t stop for anyone.

What do you want to accomplish in 2018?


11 thoughts on “2018 Goals… or Lack of

  1. 100 books! AHH GOOD LUCK. Also, it sucks about your laptop!! It’s such an inconvenience to have it crash so often. But congrats on being a recipient of the Google Developer Scholarship!! What an amazing opportunity, wishing you the best! ❤


  2. Thank you! And yeah, I used it for five minutes, started downloading my coding stuff onto it and it decided to restart 🙄 and it turned itself on a couple nights ago and I’m just so done.


  3. I can’t remember if you’ve been to New York but totally should come here so you could possibly check off number 3 on your list. I also really enjoy your other goals. I believe you can do this!


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