Untitled Town: 2018

This is the second year Untitled Town has been around, and the second year I’ve gone. However this year, unlike last year, I actually have enough to say because I’m not waiting for two months to post it.

I went to the main three author talks this year: R.L. Stine, Roxane Gay and Christopher Moore. There was one a night so each night I took a nap after work, went to pick up my grandma and drove to whatever location it was at.

Authors at Untitled Town

Honestly, R.L. Stine was my favorite of the three. When I was in middle school we had competitions each quarter to see who could read the most pages and I would devour one of his Fear Street books a night. He was pretty hilarious, reading his favorite fan mail, and cracking jokes. If you ever get the chance to go to an even where he’s speaking I highly suggest you take it.

Roxane Gay made you think a lot more. She had deep insights on life and viewpoints and she wasn’t afraid to share them. She talked a lot about her novel Hunger and her upcoming novel. My favorite part about Untitled Town author talks is the Q&A. People came up with some interesting questions covering anything from the sexualization of young girls to how to know when to stop writing a memoir. Before I saw her I hadn’t read any of her books and they haven’t really moved up or down my TBR.

The last night was Christopher Moore, he wrote Lamb, his latest is Noir, he has quite a few books out. He started out his talk with a commencement speech and it was okay, there were a couple good parts but it wasn’t very memorable. Then it went into a Q&A portion where he answered a ton of questions. One person had a spoiler in their question…. Moore called him out on it and scolded him. Unfortunately I haven’t read anything by him so when people asked questions it was all over the board of all of his books and I was left clueless.

Throughout Untitled Town there are also local authors and writing workshops that I didn’t go to. I said last year I’d go to more of these but I worked every day during the day so I didn’t have a chance to, maybe next year I will.

What has been your favorite bookish event or favorite author to see?

7 thoughts on “Untitled Town: 2018

  1. I love that you go to these events with your grandma. I still think that is the cutest thing ever. I really need to go see R.L. Stine one day. I feel he helped get me into thrillers. I loved reading Fear Street. I have a couple of Christopher Moore books on my TBR. They seem to be more on the humor side. I am excited to get to his at some point. Sorry his event wasn’t as memorable.


  2. It’s amazing to have someone to talk to about them after too!
    I think it’s funny I couldn’t do goosebumps when I was young. It was “too scary.” I’ll still read something by Moore eventually. I didn’t take them off but they didn’t move up either.

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  3. Yeah I’m not sure why I didn’t read goosebumps when I was younger. I remember watching some of the movies though when I was younger. So not really sure lol.


  4. I honestly don’t know if I saw the Emily Osmet one. I barely remember who was in the movies. I do remember there was one about a mask. You put it on and then it’s impossible to get off.


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