What I did: May 2018

If I publish this before midnight it means I wrote it before the first half of the month is done. The illusion of me planning is still there.

The month started off with a lot of friend time and Harry Potter since one of my best friends got accepted into the Disney college program so she will probably never return. At least it gives me an excuse to go down to Florida. Another one of my friends moved as well so we had a going away party with the most delicious ice cream cakes I’ve had since last time I had ice cream cake and it was great to have one last party before she left.

One of the breweries partnered with the new cookie dough restaurant here in town to do a pairing. I was pleasantly surprised with some of the pairings because they  made some of my least favorite types of beer into something I would actually want to drink? I definitely went back for more cookie dough a couple days ago with one of my friends. Pro tip: Only have one scoop. There is such a high chance of gut rot from so much sugar.

Stephen King’s newest book came out toward the end of the month and I attempted to binge read it before the month was over… that didn’t happen but it’s amazing so far I just need some time to finish. It does have one of the characters from the Bill Hodges trilogy who talks about the ending so read that first.

Books read:
Steve Jobs- Walter Isaacson
The Death of Mrs. Westaway- Ruth Ware
Every Exquisite Thing- Matthew Quick

Update: Got it done. 10:30 p.m. my time.

5 thoughts on “What I did: May 2018

  1. I want the cookie dough soo bad. I also see a pic of sushi. I feel it can’t be a what I did without a picture of sushi cause you’re always getting sushi and I am so here for it. I am glad you had an exciting May. Bummed you didn’t get to finish The Outsider. I hope you do this month.


  2. Wow I can’t believe no one else in town really likes sushi that is such a shame tbh. I haven’t really had sushi in a while either. I haven’t hung out with my one friend who likes sushi in a little while so it’s also been a while. I miss it so. I mean maybe I’ll get some cookie dough if I’m near it. I probably will wait until after my vacation if I do.


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