Phase One Recap: Google Developer Challenge Scholarship

On April 17th I got the email saying I was accepted into phase two of the Google Developer Challenge Scholarship so I decided to talk about how I got into phase two and some tips for people who are learning coding.

Back in October I applied for a scholarship that is a partnership between Google and Udacity, an online education system that focuses mainly on internet and electronics classes.  There were multiple tracks focusing on web and app development and I applied for the front-end web development track. I got accepted in January and went to work.

My entire life I learned the same way: in a classroom. I had lectures and set homework and group work. Online classes are so completely different and I had to change my approach and learned a lot about how I learn.

Advice for Beginning Coders and Google Developer Challenge Scholarship RECIPIENTS

  • No, you can’t watch TV or movies and learn how to code. It takes total concentration, especially if you want it to stick or get things done faster. Watching TV makes it take at least twice as long per lesson.
  • Apply for scholarships but budget for more classes because you’ll want to learn more and more.
  • Take breaks. Set a timer on your phone, study an hour take a break, then another hour (or whatever works for you).
  • Take time to figure things out. As tempting as it is to go straight to the forums as soon as you have a question take some time to think it through instead. Take a step back.
  • Keep going. Keep a schedule up. Put it in your phone. Do whatever it takes to make you sit down and study because when you get to a wall you won’t want to go back but you have to do it anyway.

What tips and tricks do you have for when you’re learning something new?


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