I Do Not Trust You: eARC review

37638243Author: Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press/ Wednesday Books
US Pub Date: Sept 11, 2018

In Two Sentences: M’s dad died… or so she thought but when Ash shows up needing the ancient map M inherited from him she has no choice but to go with. Her dad is actually being held captive by a group of followers from the god Set, if she has the pieces she can trade them for her dad.

My Thoughts:
I had high expectations for this book, I’m not going to lie. I remember going full speed ahead when I read Sanctuary Bay last year. This just didn’t live up to that expectation. Something just fell flat and the farther I got into the book the worse it got.

I am obsessed with all of the characters. Take M. The girl with all of the knowledge about these ancient civilizations thanks to all the archaeology digs she went on with her dad. She was full of sass and smarts from the beginning. No one can sneak up on her and no one could trick her. It was so refreshing to have a character I wasn’t constantly yelling at.

I used to be obsessed with ancient culture, specifically Egyptian, so when I read in the synopsis this was a book with travelling everywhere, including the catacombs in Paris and sacred Norwegian forests and even a submerged Egyptian temple? I was pretty sold.

M and Ash go on all of these adventures and it started out amazing. They were discovering all of these secrets and experiencing new things and then that just kind of stopped. I think that’s where it started to fall flat. It just lost some of the thrill of being in new places and ended up just being plot points.

There was a scene closer to the beginning where they were in the catacombs and I could have easily read an entire book of just that scene and it’s a shame they didn’t keep up that type of creativity throughout the book.

Have you read I Do Not Trust You or any other ancient mysteries?

I recieved a copy of I Do Not Trust You from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press. This in no way effects my review.

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