What I did: October Edition

October was crazy hectic in the best way possible. I feel like I wasn’t in the same spot for very long and I was always moving or packing and for a very good reason: I was.

I had a two bigger trips this year as a last hurrah before I had to start worrying about snow. I feel like we won’t get snow until after Christmas but I still tend to not travel as much around Nov/ Dec.

My first major trip I won’t go into much detail on because I wrote about it here. I went to Florida to visit one of my friends working at the Disney College Program. It was definitely worth the trip and I’m so glad I went down.

My second major trip was to Minneapolis for the Ed Sheeran concert. There’s not much to talk about. We went to Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store and got delicious sushi before the concert.


There were a lot of little things that made this October a lot more fun than some previous ones. I actually went out and did fall things: I went to the haunted house in town that everyone says is so scary (it wasn’t). I had a TON of delicious foods and I took a lot of walks through the park by work on my lunch breaks to admire the leaves. It’s honestly so gorgeous in that town in fall. It looks like something out of a movie sometimes.

One of the library branches by me put on a Harry Potter night so I went with one of my friends. There were chances to win movie tickets, trivia (I won another copy of book two), an escape room (which we just barely escaped) and board games. Both of us are really hoping they’ll do it again and we let them know that.


Finally Halloween came around and my friend and I dressed up and went to one of the wine bars and fancy restaurants (classy…. right?) Then we went to one of the bar’s Halloween parties, stayed for like an hour and then went home to sleep because Halloween was on a Wednesday.

I studied… a lot. I’m almost done with the Front-End Web Development scholarship I received. I have a couple lessons and a project left to do. The scholarship ends November 14th and if you don’t finish by then you can extend it until Dec 31st for a certain amount of money. I’m thinking if I put in the time and don’t stress out too much I can finish in time and won’t have to pay; otherwise I will pay to finish it off.


Books Read:
Hangsaman- Shirley Jackson
The Forgetting Time- Sharon Guskin
Scythe- Neil Shusterman
Sour Candy- Kealan Patrick Burke
City of Ghosts- VIctoria Schwab

So… that’s been my life. I’m hoping to get back into blogging again after the scholarship is done but it’s not just going to be purely books anymore. I’m planning on doing more lifestyle stuff, maybe adding in some coffee recipes, I might do some coding posts. I haven’t fully decided yet but there will still be book posts!

What were your Halloween plans? Any spooky reads this month?


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