Fragments of the Lost: ARC review

Author: Megan Miranda
Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers
US Pub Date: Nov 17 2017

In Two Sentences:

After her ex dies during a flood, with pieces of his car resurfacing days later, Jessa begins to clean out his room so his mother doesn’t have to. Slowly clues surface about his last days.

My Thoughts:

Yes- This is yet another on my backlog ARC shelf because I am horrible at reading books the second I get them. This one was partially because I was waiting for Reg to get a copy to read with me and then next thing we knew it was a year after it was published. Whoops.

As I started this book I was so happy I was finally getting to it after having it in my possession for over a year. I was expecting it to be great since Megan Miranda is one of the more commonly known authors. I liked the idea of the going through objects in order to tell a story.

Then I started reading it. It starts out slowly. I kept waiting for something small to happen, for things to start coming together and for the first bit nothing was happening. It was just memories.

And then the pieces started coming apart instead of together. There were more questions floating around and more characters coming into play. There’s lies and deceit by characters actively in the story and not. Pretty soon I started looking forward to reading it instead of putting it off a bit longer than I should have.

The characters were classic teenagers, with the classic teenager drama as an amazing backdrop to the main mystery. I loved how it made the entire story more realistic and the characters more three-dimensional.

I really wish the parts about the pieces of his life were dated. I had the same problem with Words in Deep Blue. I’ve realized when things go out of order I really want them labeled so I can put them together in my head.

I’m definitely planning on reading more books by Megan Miranda and I’m kind of upset it took me this long to get to Fragments of the Lost.

Disclaimer: My backlog of ARCs are received from work. This does not impact my views on the books nor am I under obligation to review these books.

6 thoughts on “Fragments of the Lost: ARC review

  1. I’d never heard about Megan Miranda before I picked up an ARC of Fragments of the Lost (they had copies at a book festival I went to in March) and I’m surprised at how much I liked it. I too found it a bit slow starting at first but when everything began to slot together, it became a mystery I was very much intrigued in. I think if Megan Miranda releases any new books, I’ll definitely be interested in checking them out.


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