What I did: November Edition

How. Just how are we into December. We have less than 30 days left of 2018. HOW??? This also means I have to get all of my 2018 lists together. I’m planning best books and most disappointing books so if you want to see any other lists let me know in the comments. I’m thinking of doing a favorite things or obsessions as well.

So what I did in November. I took a hiatus from social media for over two weeks to concentrate on finishing my Udacity Front-End Web Development Nanodegree. There will be a post about that experience within the next couple of weeks. So that Nanodegree had consumed my entire year’s free time so I’m pretty glad to be done but I’m still going to be working on coding projects. I also used Cold Turkey on my laptop to keep me off of social media and that thing has an attitude.

Cold Turkey app

During that hiatus I also put off hanging out with friends so I went down to Appleton, I got to see a friend that came back from college for the weekend and we devoured so much food at Olive Garden. I got to see Paige again, we went to dinner at 1919 and bothered everyone at work. It’s always nice to be able to see them and it was even nicer knowing I didn’t really have to worry about doing anything else.


I also decided I needed to change up my room because it’s been a while and I studied in it so much that that was what I associated that layout with. I’m very happy with how it looks now and it just screams relaxing (and now Christmas).

The library book sale happened and I went on the $7 bag day so I got an entire paper bag filled with books that I didn’t need but hey, they were cheap. I’m planning on reading some of them soon; hopefully they won’t all gather dust until the next book sale. I also put together a pile of books I’m going to bring to secondhand places to counteract the major buy. library book sale

I started going to the gym a lot more consistently. This actually was partially due to the stress of the crunch time in the nanodegree. The gym is actually a major stress reliever for me and I’ve gotten stress-related tension headaches at a couple major points in my life. I had been getting them basically for the past year and a half and I can’t pinpoint what I’m stressed about. I have realized if I keep doing workouts and yoga especially I get them a lot less.

Books I read:
A Map of Days- Ransom Riggs
Fragments of the Lost– Megan Miranda
Extras- Scott Westerfeld
Hunting Prince Dracula- Kerri Maniscaloco
A Noise Downstairs- Linwood Barclay

What was your favorite read of November? Did you do anything fun or any plans you’re looking forward to in December?

5 thoughts on “What I did: November Edition

  1. The amount of blogging I have to do this month is overwhelming. I love all of those “favorites” and “reading statistics” posts, but they take forever to make! I’m kind of glad that my library doesn’t have sales because I’d probably go nuts and buy everything. Congrats on finishing your degree. Happy December!


  2. I had such a divided reading year. Everything was either really good or really disappointing or just in the middle so I’m hoping that makes it easier. I go nuts four times a year: two library book sales and two employee appreciation periods where we get extra discounts. Happy December!!


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