Recap of 2018 resolutions

I went into this year with four goals and I accomplished half. But honestly, I’m not even mad. I had such an amazing year and I’ve accomplished so much and learned so much about myself.

The Goals:

  • Clear off my immediate TBR shelf (that I made just for this year-31 books)
    • HA! HAHA! Fail. I talked about this one here. I have read a couple since then so I currently have 17 left which are going to rollover to 2019. I have a plan for keeping my buying vs reading under control and this is the beginning of it.
  • Read 100 books total (Yes, I am behind already but the year is young)
    • This was a half failure. I’m at 54 books and I’m in the middle of three and have one other buddy read left. I hate rolling books over from one year to the next so I’m hoping to finish those off and end at at least 58 books.
  • As always: Go somewhere I’ve never been.
    • This year I did quite a few trips I did Chicago for my birthday, Orlando for the Harry Potter Celebration in January and again for Halloween. I went to Minneapolis a couple times to visit friends/ see Ed Sheeran. I also went camping in Door County and at another campground I’ve since forgotten the name of. The only new place I went was Memphis.
  • Continue Learning. Always.
    • This was my major goal this year. It was very broad in what I thought was going to happen but it was also the most specific in my head. I was hoping to go through the entire nanodegree program but only 10 percent went on to the second round so this was kind of just to hold me responsible if I didn’t get into the second round. I did. I finished. This is also why I didn’t get to 100 books this year (probably not but I’m saying it is).

So there you have it. I accomplished some, I failed at others. I’m happy with how the year went. It was amazing. I made a lot of new friends in town here and I got to see so many old friends. I didn’t run into too many people from high school which is always a plus.

I’ve worked so hard to increase my responsibilities at work and learn more and more about all the aspects of our company (except billing because I just have zero interest; I just know what I have to do).

I haven’t set up any 2019 goals besides my goal of going someplace new every year. I’m thinking either the East Coast and/ or Vegas (both depending on time off for my friends and me) and the Apostle Islands for a weekend. If somewhere else presented itself as an option I wouldn’t say no though. (Okay I might depending on time off and how busy work is).

What were your 2018 goals? Did you accomplish them?


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