Goals for everything in 2019!

2018 was such an amazing year for me that I’m almost glad I didn’t stress myself out about finishing my goals. I did my wrap-up here but I went into 2018 with a kill it but take it as it comes mindset and that’s exactly what I did. I readjusted my reading goals because the other parts of my life became more important and time consuming.

As I’m setting my 2019 goals I’m coming at it the same way. I have four goals I hope to achieve but they could change and I’m fine with that.

Go somewhere new

This is an ongoing goal I’ve had. To go to a new place every year. This past year I went to Madison (I had only ever been to the arena our high school played at) and Memphis (which I had never been to before). This year I’m thinking the Apostle Islands which is northern Wisconsin and has beautiful kayaking.

Read 35,000 pages

This one involved some math. I really wanted to read 100 books but I also wanted to read more non-fiction and I have a couple giant books I want to get to. So I decided to go the way of page count. At 350 pages each 100 books would be 35,000 pages. The next problem was “what about audiobooks?” Luna said she counts it as a paperback because that’s generally the lesser page count which makes sense.

Keep learning

This is another one that I’ve done before. Last year I did the nanodegree scholarship through Udacity. This year I’m going to continue growing those skills. I would also really like to learn Photoshop so if you know any resources let me know below.

Do more in the blogging world

My blog was dormant for the majority of 2018 because of said class but I’m so excited to use some of my free time to do different things. I’m planning a readalong of Count of Monte Cristo and I’m planning on co-hosting a readathon with Reg which is in the very barest of planning right now. We were going to do one last year but then I got super busy and she would have done it all herself.

What are your goals for 2019? What did you accomplish in 2018 you’re proud of?

10 thoughts on “Goals for everything in 2019!

  1. Great goals for 2019 Jenna, 35,000 seems like a great page goal. Also, when you both plan this readathon let me know! I love a readathon and if you are both organizing it, it should be a great one.

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  2. Glad to see go somewhere new on here *cough* new york. I honestly can’t wait for this readathon that we need to plan. I am honestly super excited for it whenever we decide to do it.


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