Keeping my book buying to a minimum 2019

The last couple years my book acquisitions has gotten so out of control. My parents used to tease me that my floor is going to fall from the weight of all my books and that may actually happen. I have done a couple unhauls so it probably isn’t as bad as I think it is but still.

I wanted to add this into my actual goals post but I decided it was such a big goal it deserved it’s own post. This challenge I decided on was inspired by Read By Jess’s TBR tower videos.

The problem all started when I began working at a bookstore…. we have advance copies in the break room and I’ll take ones I’m really interested in with the promise to read it right away… that has yet to happen. We also get a pretty little discount and have employee appreciation days with a larger discount. Hence all the books. I have read quite a few of them though.

Anyway, I’m hoping to keep my book acquisition to a minimum this coming year. And I have a plan!! I have a bookshelf that’s probably a meter high, maybe a meter and a half. I have my priority list from 2018 piled against it which is about half the height.

When I buy a book next year (or take an ARC from work) it’s going to be put on the top of the pile. I am keeping my 2018 books there because I still really want to read all of them. If the pile goes over the top of the bookcase for over a month I have to donate or sell or get rid of enough to get it below. 

I’m hoping this will help me read books as soon as I get them and think twice about buying more books. My main downfall is the bag days at the library book sales so I’ll have to read my pile down a bit before those.

I also have a larger shelf cleared off that I want to be able to fill with books I read in 2019 that I own. I did this in 2018 with one of my narrower shelves and it ended up being double stacked so the goal for 2019 is quite a bit larger.

I always need help keeping my physical TBR down. How do you do it?


21 thoughts on “Keeping my book buying to a minimum 2019

  1. I am actually doing something similar to this in 2019 as well! I have a smaller bookcase in my apartment that has three shelves. The bottom I have all my unread BOTM (Book of the Month) choices so I know what’s left there. I used to have my favorite books on the second shelf, and my TBR on the top, but I have so many books now that the entire case ended up being a TBR. So this year I will only add books to the shelf if they can fit, otherwise I have to “make room” by donating other unread ones. Best of luck to you this year!


  2. Good luck! I’m also trying to get my TBR down. The most helpful thing I’ve done is to limit my unread books to 1 shelf. If the shelf is full, I don’t let myself get any more books until there’s space for them.


  3. My level is me just running out of room and needing to save money. But, I will admit I acquired 7 books this month and only read 1 of them. Oops. Plus I know I am getting more for Christmas.


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