Rereading Uglies- My thoughts

When I was in intermediate school I went on a Scott Westerfeld series binge. I read all of Midnighters and all of the Uglies books. I was obsessed with the Uglies quartet. I wanted to live in that world; I thought it would be amazing. Basically I wanted to live in that world as much as I wanted to go to Hogwarts. Rereading this series now has got me thinking about my feelings as a child because when you think about it we do live in the Uglies world.

Face Rank

We live in a world where having enough Instagram and Twitter followers can get you free stuff like the hole in the wall in Extras where facerank and merits let you get cooler things. People are constantly doing reckless things for more likes and follows.

Interface RIng

Our phones (which are always honest because let’s be honest we’re addicted) are constantly tracking our location, every search we do and we can even interact and ask for information. This is so similar to the city interface which will tell you exactly where other people are and who’s with them. Granted, some of these are a bit more extreme than our current technology.

Body Mods

There are technologies in development that are similar to sneak suits, you have people with body modifications and surgery to look certain ways. Granted, none of this is to the extreme as it is in the Uglies trilogy but the world is just our world today on steroids.


Even the forms of travel are exaggerated from what we have. We have the helicopters but theirs are just one step more. They’re silent. They have the hoverboards that tech enthusiasts and companies are striving for. They’re just working to skip the metal grid.

Have you read the Uglies quartet? Are you excited for the new series? What world would you love to live in?

7 thoughts on “Rereading Uglies- My thoughts

  1. I have still yet to read anything by this author! I have been wanting to read this series, but I keep forgetting about it, so your post made me remember that hey, it’s still there waiting for me to read it!


  2. I love this series!! I also love your comparisons… it’s a bit scary actually how similar we are to the books! To be totally honest though, I’ve always wanted their hover boards to exist in real life! They seem so fun😊


  3. Oh my goodness, yes. Or have my arms ripped out of their sockets with those magnetic bracelet/cuffs!😂


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