Scythe and Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman Review

So I know this isn’t the entire series and I’m so excited for the next book to come out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even have a release date yet so I’ll be impatiently waiting for quite a while.

In two sentences: In the future all forms of death are eradicated so the Scythdom was formed which is comprised people who are allowed to kill (glean) people. This series follows two apprentices on their journey to become Scythes.


Book one. This was a buddy read with Amy, Luna and Reg. This book instantly grabbed me when it first came out so I bought a copy and my anticipation for it has been getting stronger and stronger but I still kept putting it off. I was so glad this one was chosen for our group read.

The plot twists in this one were amazing. I saw a couple of them coming but mostly I didn’t. The middle of the book did a little slow probably because I was super busy and couldn’t read it in larger chunks.

Citra and Rowen (the sycthe apprentices) are so well thought out that they are like real people. There weren’t any moments where I’m thinking they wouldn’t act that way and there was not much romance in these books which was so refreshing. I was honestly so terrified there was going to be one and it was going to ruin an otherwise perfect book.

There is also the Thunderhead in this world which is the world’s governing being. The humans input all the knowledge about the world into it’s system and it is the thing that makes all the laws and controls everything. Except for the Scythes. This isn’t touched upon too much in book one but in book two it was the center.

Make sure you have book two handy because I wanted to go from one right to the next.


Book Two. This was amazing. I was so worried it would have second book syndrome and it definitely didn’t.

This book goes more into discussing what happens when the Scythdom starts becoming corrupted and the Thunderhead can’t do anything about it. I think it’s such a thought-provoking book that discusses how hands-on or -off the government should be and what happens when groups are left to their own devices.

I don’t want to say too much about this one but the world was built up more and the characters become even more developed. And that’s where so many second books fail.

This one didn’t this one had more and more things actually happening and the plot progressing. There were so many OMG moments that I had to put the book down after because I didn’t see any of them coming. It leaves off kind of on a cliff hanger but I can’t even imagine it ending any differently.

Have you read these? What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Scythe and Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman Review

  1. I read Scythe a month back and LOVED IT ❤ I’ve been meaning to read Thunderhead but not this year haha, hopefully in 2019 😀 This review is making me excited for it!


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