No Exit: ARC Review

Author: Taylor Adams
Publisher: William Morrow- imprint of HarperCollins
US Pub Date: Jan 15, 2019

In Two Sentences:

A blizzard, a highway rest stop and a kidnapped child in the back of a van. Just how bad could it get?

My Thoughts:

This. Book. I thought I was a little sick of thrillers and my normal reads (the horror!) and then this book came and knocked me out of the water. It was absolutely amazing and well crafted and the characters!!

There was not a single page that did not have constant tension. It was so difficult to put it down once I started reading. So if you have the option definitely read this one during a readathon or on a day you don’t have any obligations. You’ll thank me later.

Every little thing was thought through and every little thing was taken account of. There were keys moving around and batteries dying, place names and landmarks. So many little details that would normally fall through the cracks kept reappearing.

Major Spoilers Lie Ahead:

The little girl is so snarky and full of questions and I loved every second of it. And the way she got along with Darby I really hope they stay friends.

Some of the punishments Ashley came up with? Absolutely horrendous but then again he got what was coming to him. And so gory! Like the fingers!! And the mouth!

Disclaimer: My backlog of ARCs are received from work. This does not impact my views on the books nor am I under obligation to review these books.

9 thoughts on “No Exit: ARC Review

  1. I’m trying to catch up on Netgalley books and books I own. It’s working pretty well. I’m aiming to have this be the first book I pick up when I decide to buy some new books.


  2. We have to decide on a buddy read! Once I’m done with Monte Cristo we’ll do another one. That’s my main focus right now like I’m not even picking up the other book I’m in the middle of because I need to catch up with this one.

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