My Dream House

**All of these photos are from Zillow. I do not take credit for any of them. I have linked them all back to their postings.**

If you had told me five or so years ago that I would look at random houses for fun I would have said you were insane. Most of the ones I like looking at are way out of my price range and more than I would ever be able to afford in this lifetime. Although those houses are honestly way too big unless you have like 20 people living there. I’ve realized that I’m drawn to houses with specific qualities.


Open floor plans

I’ve found I love the houses that have the living room/ dining room/ kitchen all as one. I love the openness that comes with it and it just seems like you can breathe.

Giant windows

Honestly every time I see one with giant floor to ceiling windows I just want to roll out my yoga mat and do yoga in front of it. I would love it if this was in one of the bedrooms because I do want an office/ library space and it’d be so nice to have a yoga area next to it.

Cathedral ceilings

I’m just going to keep going with this open space idea because have you ever looked at a place that has cathedral ceilings? Gorgeous. And spacious and perfect.

Loft walkways or rooms

This goes along with the cathedral ceilings. Just being able to look down on the openness is amazing. It just adds an extra something to a house.


Exercise room

This is one of those things I’ll eventually do when I get a house and it’ll just have to grow slowly but I would love to have a stationary bike, some weights, a pull-up bar.


I mean did anyone really think this wasn’t going to make the list? Do I even have to explain myself? Although I would like my future library be 90% read… at least.



I actually don’t want a woodburning one because that would be the fastest way to burn my dream house to the ground but a nice electric one would be perfect.

Balcony or sundeck

The more I think about this the more I would love a sundeck. I love being outside but I also hate bugs and laying on the ground is only comfortable for so long. This way I’d get the fresh air and the comfort level of being indoors.

No snow

Again…. do I have to explain? Also I hate shoveling.

Very modern design

I actually keep going back and forth between a modern design and a rustic design. Both are amazing in their own ways. A modern design is very clean and minimalist so I’d keep it clean (maybe) but a rustic design would be so comfy and relaxing and would be exactly what I want at the end of a long day at work.

What’s in your dream home? Where would it be? Should I do a part two?

7 thoughts on “My Dream House

  1. Oh man I would love to live in a house with a dope ass exercise room. I also really want a nice relaxing library that I can go and read it. The comfier the better. I also would love a nice spacious kitchen. I want a chef though cause I suck at cooking. Preferably one that can make sushi. I use to have a dream that I’d live in a mall mansion. So it would be a huge house and then one floor would have stores I like and then like another floor would have a food court. Then the other floors would be my living space.


  2. An exercise room is the dream because no more waiting for machines to open up! I was just thinking today if I spend all that money on a kitchen maybe I’ll actually use it. Sushi for life 😍😍😍😍. But then you’d have other people coming into your house for those things! (Not going to lie I did used to want a house with a store on the bottom for when I wanted new clothes.)

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  3. Right like everyone needs an exercise room in their house. That would be awesome. Also having a huge kitchen would be nice. I can see it drawing you in and making you want to use it more. Woah who said other people could come into my house! I would only let my friends come to shop lol.


  4. Hell yeah you’d be invited!! Oh man if I could have my own gym instead of going to my current gym, I would be so happy. I have been so over this gym for months now.


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