I don’t know what I’m doing.

With this blog, with my social media, with anything really. I was originally going to make a short post explaining but then it became almost 600 words and no organization.

Basically, I have a lot of different interests and right now I’m more in love with coding than I am with writing so that’s where I’m putting my energy. I’ve been contemplating sharing code projects and little CSS animations on my personal Instagram. I’m working on a web portfolio of different projects I’ve done and I’m learning new frameworks and static site generators with that. I am incredibly excited about these things.

A part of me is thinking I’m just going to make a static homepage saying this blog is no longer going to be updated, another part of me wants to post more coding information. Or I could keep posting horribly sporadic and stop posting monthly wrap-ups and TBRs (my main stressors). Or I could attempt to design and implement my own WordPress site and maybe that would get me into posting again (I do really want to design my own at some point).

However, something has to change.

I feel like the majority of my posts are just me recounting facts and it just doesn’t seem very personal anymore. When I go back and read posts it sounds like I’m disconnected and like someone else is recounting my life. To be honest you can tell I sat down and wrote them in ten minutes.

I’ve thought about starting a YouTube channel with just my travels and something based around learning to code but that’s just another thing to maintain and I don’t really know if I would like it. Plus editing would take A LONG LONG time. Which I’d rather dedicate to other things. I’ve also thought about doing a 30 second video at the end of each monthly wrap-up.

But really even my photos are a snap and post- I don’t edit any photo that is on this website and I’d like to change these things but frankly I feel like that takes more effort than it’s worth. I do want to do more photography and video so maybe? But I don’t want to force it. Like I said it’s not at the top of the list.

Maybe I’m tired of blogging, maybe it’s just book blogging, I honestly don’t even know anymore. I’ve always been super relaxed about what and when I post. I was never fully just a book blog but I still feel stressed about everything blog-related. I’ve thought of so many things I might change that it’s to the point I just don’t know anymore.

Basically this entire post has been a ramble and I don’t even have a point to it except I don’t know what I’ll be posting anymore. I’m for sure going to finish up a couple ARCs I have and review those. I might private a lot of posts I’ve written in the past. I don’t know what I’m going to do with social media profiles. I may go on a giant unfollow spree so it’s just people I’m close to. Just in general I have no clue what I’m doing. I probably won’t update when I decide what to do, I’ll just do it. So if you see changes that’s why.

The bottom line is this:

Maintaining this blog, Twitter, Instagram and very seldomly my Facebook and Pinterest pages and even just commenting back is exhausting. I haven’t really been looking forward to posting much although there are some things I still like talking about *cough* Tough Mudder Training *cough*. Who knows, maybe things will go back to how they have been in a month? Maybe they’ll be forever changed.


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