Tough Mudder Training: Month Two

So… This month sucked. I managed to workout like five times since my last update. But it wasn’t really my fault. I managed to get sick for the second time this year and was super exhausted/ constantly coughing for two full weeks, then I took a couple more days because my body was just exhausted from fighting it.

Then my first day back at the gym I got blisters (one of which broke open so I couldn’t really do any exercises including gripping weights. When I got home I slipped on ice in my driveway. It was feeling fine, I had like two twinges of pain so I did a run a couple days later, and was fine. Then a couple days after that I went for a 4.5 mile run outside to build up endurance. I stopped a couple times but overall I finished in under 50 minutes which I think is pretty good for me.

Basically I went to my chiropractor because running that soon after my fall must have done something to anger my back. Basically I’m on Dr.’s orders to not run until it’s 100% better. He said keep stretching and start icing it. Fingers crossed I’m back to normal soon.

Other than that major update: I’ve also really started liking the functional fitness area of my gym. Granted, I love it even more when the place is empty. There’s monkey bars that I can actually do now, I’m still working on the changing levels but I’m getting there!

When was the last time you did the monkey bars? What’s your favorite workout?

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