Creating with Vue.js and Nuxt.js: Initial reaction

While taking my nanodegree with Udacity we created two apps with React and I hated every second of it. It seemed as though it was unnecessarily complicated. However, I felt like the logic behind having components was actually really helpful.

I had heard of other frameworks that also used components so when I decided to create a personal portfolio website I spent probably more time than I needed to watching YouTube videos to decide whether I should attempt React again but at my own pace or use Angular or Vue. I ultimately asked in a slack group I’m a part of to help me decide between Vue+Nuxt or React+Next or React+Gatsby and decided on Vue+Nuxt.

At this point in time I have followed exactly one tutorial to create the basics of a portfolio site. The very, very basics. As in it looks horrible and it has less than half of what I want in it. So maybe I shouldn’t be one to judge and maybe I’m judging too quickly.

But it’s so much easier than React.

  • I like how the CSS is inside of the component it applies to. One less file open and one less thing to keep track of.
  • Importing and exporting is simpler. Looking at each component Vue has more in it but is a lot easier for me to read and manipulate.

Since Vue is so new to me my views may take a complete 180 I mean, maybe I’m just in the honeymoon phase right now.

Next up will probably be the formatting of the side bar and navigation bars.

If I did mini-videos to go with these what would you want to see? Sped up code writing? More on-the-spot feeling talks? Tutorials about how and why I did certain parts the way I did?

6 thoughts on “Creating with Vue.js and Nuxt.js: Initial reaction

  1. I hope you continue to enjoy this Jenna. I think seeing mini videos or sped up working would be fun to watch and it could be helpful as well since you can slow down the speed if someone gets stuck. Even though I don’t do coding myself, even though I want to give it a go later on I find these posts to be really interesting.


  2. I’m glad you like them! They’re generally my least viewed posts but I enjoy making them. I’m looking forward to when you have some time to learn and what you think of it! I actually did have footage for this one and decided I hated it so I didn’t even upload it. I was just talking too fast from one thought to another so I couldn’t cut the chunks together properly.

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  3. I feel like talking on camera and such takes a lot of work. You could always just do a sped up one and post that and then use that footage to practice talking and explaining in the mean time?


  4. Yeah, I was filming myself doing some practice problems earlier today and explaining to myself exactly what was wrong/ not best practices and why. I also figured out a way to take video of my screen so I think that’s a good idea.

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