Mera: Tidebreaker- ARC Review

Author: Danielle Paige
Illustrator: Stephen Byrne
Publisher: DC Ink
US Pub Date: April 2, 2019
Format: Graphic novel

In Two Sentences:

Mera’s kingdom is attempting to overthrow Atlantis to free from it’s oppression. When she has the opportunity to change her future and assassinate the prince she goes on land.

My Thoughts:

This is pitched as the origin of Mera and Aquaman. I don’t really watch or follow any of the superheros or villains or anything but I am obsessed with this cover and the story actually sounded really good. I had high hopes for it.

I really enjoyed the artwork throughout the book. It bothered me that when they were underwater sometimes they were floating and sometimes walking. Other than that the artwork is pretty. Mera’s hair is red and everything else is very bland colors so she just stands out and I really like it.

I liked the story and it was a quick read and I kind of liked what happened but at the same time I was very meh about it and didn’t really like any of the characters espeically Larken.

I found Larken especially annoying and basically a useless character. I feel as though he just popped in at random times that weren’t necessary. I would have rather had one of the other characters come up.

I’m wondering if the main reason I didn’t like it was because this is the only time I’ve been exposed to these characters. It didn’t even focus on the how they became who they are really. It was just meh for me.

Have you read any origin stories lately? Do you enjoy the DC universe?

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