Pet Sematary: Movie Review

What’s this? A movie review from someone who basically never sees movies? Yes. I decided not to wait until Pet Sematary was on Netflix or DVD to watch it.

My first thought: Dang movies have gotten expensive. I’ve only seen one movie in theaters since 2016. Yeah.

The movie though!! I read the book about a year and a half ago and I had been underwhelmed by it. I thought it was predictable. My full thoughts on the book are here.

However, 2016 version of the movie was phenomenal. The acting was so spot on and true to the characters in the book (from what I remember). The soundtrack and the entire feel of the movie with the camera work and color tones was so spot on and just felt like a modern King movie. The work kind of reminded me of IT.

Spoilers beyond this point read only if you’ve seen the movie

I’m going to put another warning here: THE PLOT TWIST IS DIFFERENT THAN THE BOOK.

Okay. I think everyone is warned as much as I can.

I loved this twist a lot more most people probably did. Especially because the way they did it up until the last second you’re expecting Gage to die. Then he is saved and I was like “what’s the rest of the movie going to be? Then I figured it out and then it happened.

I actually loved this because she already had a major personality and you really got to know her and love her and then BOOM! And she can actually put into words her experience. She knows she’s dead. She knows exactly what happened and lets Louis know she knows.

And then she’s out for revenge and that’s when Jeté Laurence’s acting ability shines. She was the perfect creepy child and I’m looking forward to seeing what else she does if she stays in the business.

I did think they could have had more of Gage. I feel like he was there but then was generally just forgotten about. Like Louis didn’t actually check if he was okay when he went in the woods. He was just like “Okay, his eyelids moved, he’ll be fine for longer.” Like no. Open the door and ask him. He’s at the age he can vocalize some stuff.

Have you seen Pet Sematary? What did you think? Also please put “Spoiler” at the beginning of the comments if you talk about the end.

2 thoughts on “Pet Sematary: Movie Review

  1. I thought if it was a matinee it was only going to be like $7 and I get there and it’s $10! They did update seating to be comfy chairs that go back but I’d rather have cheaper movies and the old seats. I hope you get to see it whether it’s in theaters or when it’s on DVD. It was so good!


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