Little Girls: ARC review

Author: Nicolas Aflleje and Sarah Delaine
Publisher: Image Comics
US Pub Date: April 30, 2019
Format: Graphic novel

In Two Sentences:

Sam and Lielet form a friendship when something is killing the villagers. Obviously, they have to go investigate.

My Thoughts:

First: My ARC was so floppy and it made it so much easier to read because I wasn’t fighting with the binding.

Overall this was a decent graphic novel. It wasn’t mindblowing but it wasn’t horrible either.

I think a middle schooler would have loved this a lot more than I did and it’s aimed at 12 and up so probably the lower end of that is it’s actual market. I don’t know if it’s being marketed as more middle grade or YA but that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

There is also some diversity because Sam moves around and the setting is in Ethiopia. It’s never specifically said what ethnicity she is but Lielet is from Ethiopia. Both of them are very strong-willed and very much “we can do this.”

One thing I appreciated was that it was all in English but when a character is speaking Amharic the words are in brackets and when they are speaking in a dialect that is noted as well. It really added another level to the world.

One thing that stuck out to me (and apparently others on Goodreads) is that there isn’t a backstory to the monster. It’s based off an actual legend which is amazing but I shouldn’t have to go research a mythical character in order to possibly find out the motivation. The entire time I was reading it I was trying to figure out why all of this was happening. At the end you get like two frames explaining which is not nearly enough.

The artwork was good in itself but as a whole I feel like certain frames got cut and the surrounding ones weren’t fixed to support that. I noticed this especially happened when things were starting to get graphic so it may have been to keep it toward the target age range.

Disclaimer: My ARCs are received from work. This does not impact my views on the books nor am I under obligation to review these books.

Have you read any graphic novels recently? Any books that peaked your interest?

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