Tough Mudder training: Three months Left

The main countdown begins. I have less than three months to finish getting in Tough Mudder shape. I’m not too worried though. I started the three month countdown about a week ago and it’s so much easier this time around than when I first did it before I got continuously sick.

When I was younger I was very tall for my age (and I still am tall). Since I was so tall I could touch the ground on the monkey bars for as long as I can remember. I also could never do a handstand. I don’t know if these were related but basically what I’m saying is I have never had much upper body strength.

I think that’s finally changing though! We have monkey bars at my gym that are actually really high up and they have a couple at one height and then they change and then go back down. The last couple weeks/ months I’ve been working on being able to get across them and I FINALLY DID IT!

I’m pretty sure the person there thought I was insane because I went across and then instantly smiled the biggest smile and went on my phone and then left the area. I had blisters okay. I didn’t want to keep going and break them open.

That was my biggest win of the last couple weeks. I also did sprints on a track for the first time since high school and I actually really enjoyed myself. I did four sprints of a quarter mile each with a minute break between the two. I realized I’m really far away from being able to do an 8-minute mile. But I’m not focusing on that until after the Tough Mudder.

Sunday I got back from a weekend trip and decided to just go for a chill run and it was actually really relaxing not worrying about pace or distance. I just ran until I didn’t want to anymore and then stopped. It was a short run but it felt so good.

What have you accomplished in the past month? What are your favorite workouts?