Book Review: After by Anna Todd

Author: Anna Todd
Publisher: Gallery Books
US Pub Date: October 21st 2014
Format: Ebook
Genre: New Adult

In Two Sentences:

When “good girl” Tessa goes to college and meets “bad boy” Hardin and they instantly hate each other. She has a boyfriend back home but she just can’t stay away from Hardin.

My Thoughts:


This was originally a one-direction fanfiction and you can tell it’s fanfiction. The plot went in circles; the writing was kind of bad (I almost DNF’d it at 2%). It honestly could have been two books. There was a perfect stopping point in the middle.
However- Todd was writing this a chapter a day and publishing right away. So a lot of the problem was with that- which made it read like a fanfiction. If she had written it traditionally I’m sure the plot would have been a lot tighter because you can go back and forth and flesh things out.
There were so many “of course” moments. Of course she went into a random room and it was Hardin’s in this random frat house. Of course the parental connections. Of course he has a British accent. I only marked a couple but there were so many more.
And the amount of descriptions! Half of them could be taken out and it wouldn’t affect anything.
I could not stand Noah. He was such a one dimensional character. He was literally just there to be “the boyfriend” the barely had alone time; the barely kissed; there was NO chemistry between the two of them.
A lot of the side characters in Hardin’s friend group were basically all the same except for Steph and Mollie. Who were kind of opposites. I wish we had more Steph and Zed.


Tess and Hardin’s relationship is the definition of an emotionally abusive relationship. He would say the cruelest things he could think of; then take them back later saying he was sorry. He always needed “just one more chance” and she kept taking him back. He wouldn’t let her even talk to other guys. He would beat other people but but “would never physically hurt me” -Tessa (like five times).


This takes place at a college. After page 13 I was thinking maybe the author has never been to college and later on I’m kind of convinced. Tess talks about how after all of her research of the school she never knew it was co-ed bathrooms. Colleges are so upfront about how bathrooms are because that’s where people shower.
Later she talks about how she shouldn’t have taken five classes because she’s running between them all…. five classes wouldn’t all be in the same day?
She gets called down to the chancellor’s office in the middle of class…. That’s not how it works. You’d get an email or mail to your dorm giving you a time to be there. It’s like a court summoning. (Family: No I do not know this from personal experience but everyone knows how this happens.
And then she gets an interview for an internship through connections and she gets asked literally one question (what have you read recently) and then she gets hired… with an office. And this is mid-semester and he’s like “yeah, you can just move your classes around and come in three days a week” that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

But in all honesty

This book was a train wreck from start to finish. I just couldn’t look away and I needed to know what happened and then it did. I was laughing at the ridiculousness of a lot of it and at some points I was hate reading and other moments I was actually kind of enjoying it. I’m probably going to read the next one but the wait list at my library is 6 months.

Serious talk

It’s important to be able to separate fiction and real life. Obviously don’t take this as guidelines to any type of relationship because there are a million and one red flags. If you are in a relationship like this please turn to your friends or family for help or call the national domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Book Review: After by Anna Todd

  1. Yes this review has me dying. It kinda makes me want to read the book too. I feel it would be something I want to dnf but also like Iā€™m looking for a fun trainwreck.


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