Bird Box: Book to Movie

If anyone tried the bird box challenge they instantly lost cool points in my book.

Due to me feeling like death a couple months ago I watched the Bird Box movie relatively quickly after reading the book in January. I thought I should do a book to movie comparison/ review before I forget everything. I wrote most of this right away and I’m adding some things in while I rewatch the movie.

The two were so different that it’s difficult to compare the two exactly. A lot of the changes made were in order to make it more appealing to a viewer vs a reader. There were a lot of things I liked more about the book but there are also things I liked more about the movie.

I loved Bird Box as a book. Because they were blindfolded a lot of the time it was fitting to read about it. I thought the different senses and the explanations and relationships were very well done.

The movie was very well done. When watching movies I need a lot more action. I tend to tune out and go on my phone. Okay so that’s actually every movie. I think part of what helped with this was that it went back and forth between the past and the river scenes.

Disclaimer: There are spoilers below.

Girl was so cute and you could definitely see her mom more in her in the movie. This cute little strong girl who was ready to look even though she shouldn’t have to.

I actually loved how they had Tom stay alive longer and stay with the kids and create a mini-family. It added in some nice moments and probably helped her not be so lonely.

They had such a wide variety of cast in the house which I’m pretty sure didn’t happen in the book. There were plenty of people but I remember when I saw it the first time I was watching and wondering who people were.

I feel so bad for Charlie! He didn’t even want to go shopping and then he was killed! Also the running over the bodies was gross but Tom tried to keep his cool.

Does anyone else dislike they never showed what the creatures looked like? I’m so curious. I picture something like the dementors.

Did you read the book or watch the movie? Did you enjoy them or hate them?


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