Mentally Tough Workouts

Sunday I had my long run for the week which was 4.25 miles. I ended up running on one of the trails by my house and it was…. difficult. Normally I can run a couple miles without stopping and I probably could have done this in one stretch but my brain was so focused on the fact that it was 4.25 miles. I do long runs about every other week and my previous long run had been 3 miles.

After my run I came home and knew I needed to stretch so that I don’t get too sore. I put on Yoga with Adriene and I still couldn’t zone in and focus. I kept trying to figure out how long was left, I was shortening all the poses and taking the easy parts for most of them.

Don’t get me wrong; I am thoroughly exhausted typing this up after my workouts but there are some days it’s difficult.

I don’t really have many tips or tricks for these days but I’ll just keep telling myself that I can do it, I’m almost there. That I’m getting stronger and faster. Sure, it feels as though it’s a wasted workout but even the bad ones will help in the long run.

I know the more I do these long runs the more my brain will be like “oh, four miles? That’s nothing.” And the thing is I’ve worked my way up to seven miles before so at that time four was my shorter run. A bad run or yoga session just messes with the brain weirdly.

What do you do when you have a difficult workout mentally?

6 thoughts on “Mentally Tough Workouts

  1. If you ever find a answer for this please share. I always want to just get through a workout. One thing that kinda helps is if I don’t have reminders on or I cover the time remaining or time passed. Looking at the data makes it even longer for me.


  2. Yes! I do sprint workouts where I do a quarter mile, then break then another etc. and I change the voiceover on my app to tell me when a quarter mile is. I forgot I had it on and started my four or five mile run. It was torture to have it constantly reminding me but the app doesnt let you change it when you’re in the middle of a workout.

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