Tough Mudder Training: Two months to go

I only have two moods after working out:

There’s just something about working out so hard your entire shirt is soaked that is disgusting but rewarding.

That was actually a horrible workout and I could have done better.

I know I’m being hard on myself during the second one as I talked about here, but it’s difficult to shut off the negative talk sometimes.

The last couple weeks of April and the first week of May I was killing it. I was putting in all the workouts. I could see an improvement. I did sprints that landed me at the sub-10 min mile point during the runs. I was feeling stronger and I wasn’t getting sore after workouts. I was able to make it across the monkey bars at the gym and all around I was enjoying my workouts.

… and then came our road trip. In three and half days we drove about 24 hours, had a graduation ceremony to go to and all around had a lazy couple days. I came home and did the benchmark run (warm up run 7 mins, run all out 3, running cool down 5 mins). My legs felt like lead. It was so hard because my body wasn’t even used to moving anymore! Needless to say I’m trying not to go that long without working out again before the race because wow those were tough.


Fastest speed (mph): 9min 38sec- this was the average mph when I did 400m sprints for a mile. I had recovery time between them which is not reflected here.
Farthest run: 5 mi
Favorite workout: 5 mi run- I got to the runner’s high point for the first time in years!

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