Tough Mudder Update: Less than one month left!

Yes, you’ve read that right. I have less than a month until I run the Tough Mudder and the nerves are real. I know I’ll be fine. All of us running decided to go through it together and not pay attention to the time as much. However, they’ll also see just how insanely weak I still am. After all, I still can’t do a pull up.

I started writing this post a couple days after the month mark… and honestly I haven’t been in the blogging mood so I haven’t done much at all and here we are… two weeks left.

Training was going pretty decently. It was gorgeous weather, I was running A TON, a couple times there was the runner’s high. There was this feeling after the long run where nothing was quite real during my cool down, which is always an interesting feeling.

I was up to six miles which is farther than I’ve done in years and then life stuff got really stressful and then it got really stormy and long miles don’t go well with the gym so I took a break and then switched to body weight and functional fitness again the last couple weeks.

I also took the second half of last week off to rest and make sure I wasn’t too tired out before the Inflatable 5k… and we ended up walking since my sister doesn’t work out as much. Plus it was a heat index of 92 degrees fahrenheit… needless to say we still sweated a ton.

Then I decided to do a mile and some weights last night and that was a struggle. I probably should have done more weights this entire time but I was doing more functional fitness. You live and learn.

Favorite workout: Volleyball with friends… this counts right?

Least Favorite workout: I did an interval day with strength and running…. on four hours of sleep and a nap. Needless to say it wasn’t my best in any way.

Who thinks I’m still going to die? *raises hand*

What’s your favorite way to stay active?


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