T-6 weeks: Run Disney

I had so much fun writing the countdown posts for the Tough Mudder and it helped so much with my motivation to get to the gym. Well, my 10k in Disney is six weeks away and I’ve barely worked out since the Tough Mudder… in mid-July. I think I’ve only done like 1-2 workouts a week? And I lost a lot of my stamina. So! I’ve decided to do a mini-series for Run Disney training, with updates every other week and then a recap post at after (and probably a travel post).

I downloaded the Runkeeper app on my phone since my Nike Run Club app was freezing/ not saving my runs even just on my phone so things are a bit different. I created a training program on there but I don’t know how well I’m going to be able to stick to it since they’re in different apps and I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for the plans in Runkeeper. So I’ll be experimenting with different ways of tracking. Maybe physically writing them down? We’ll see.

Since my training for runs is different than the almost-death that was the Tough Mudder I have a different plan for sharing. I’m going to actually write down my distance/ times/ feels after each run and mention if I did any other workouts (like when I go to the gym or do a Nike Training workout). Then you’ll also see my progress (which probably won’t be much time-wise but distance-wise I need to get better.

Last week or so….

Tues Sept 12- 20 minute run

Sat Sept 14- 5min run, arm workout, 1.78 mile run (19 mins)

Mon Sept 16- 2.1 mile run (27 mins)

Tues Sept 17- 19 min walk

So, as you can see I haven’t been doing much lately and that needs to change. 10k. 6.2 miles. I’m only at two. Also if you run slower than 15 minute miles you can get cut. I’m normally at like 12 minute miles.

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