My favorite ways to procrastinate

I absolutely love being productive and there’s literally nothing better than waking up early, getting work done, going to work, working out, getting more work done and passing out. Except these things:

Netflix/ YouTube

I think this is a major distraction for me but it’s one of those things that comes and goes. I’ll binge Netflix and YouTube for six hours a day every day for a couple weeks and then I won’t watch anything for a couple months.

The fix: I’ll put these on in the background when I’m getting ready and when I’m doing blog posts. I tend to be able to concentrate on easier tasks when I have something going in the background that I can tune in and out. HOWEVER. When I’m working on coding, especially lessons and troubleshooting I have to pay attention to I’ll turn them off. If I know I need to get work done I tell myself I’ll do x amount of work and then I’ll be able to watch.


By far my favorite distraction is taking naps. Granted, this only really happens on weekends now but beds are just so comfortable.

The fix: I’ll create a to-do list, post it on Twitter and then when I get the majority of it done I can take a nap if I have enough time and want to and then finish the rest of the list.

Social Media

I’m the first to admit I have a social media problem. I’m on constantly just scrolling, not even posting. Half the time I forget to comment and like things as well. Eventually I get bored and just turn it off but I don’t really have a fix for this one. If I’m on a giant Netflix binge I’ll scroll during it. Also I’m counting Zillow here.

The fix: Delete them all and block them eternally on your computer.

Disclaimer: I feel like I need to point out this is obviously when I’m doing personal projects at home. When I’m getting paid for stuff I’ll actually do them.

What are your favorite ways to procrastinate? I’m looking for new ideas…

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